Welcome to MySumma!


MySumma is your interactive health record to help you take control and have ease of access to your personal health information.

At MySumma you can:

  • View your lab and test results as released by your physician
  • Correspond through Email with your physician
  • Review past and upcoming appointments, as well as request and cancel appointments
  • View your current medications and renew prescriptions
  • Receive health reminders
  • Change your personal information, including address, phone numbers, Email address
  • Print and/or download you personal health record
  • Review and print past office visit summary reports

Functionality of the patient portal is based on the discretion of your individual provider so all features listed above may not be available in your record.

Do not use MySumma for emergency medical situations. Please call 911 or your physicians office immediately, if you are experiencing an urgent medical problem.